Spideric's Google Data Studio Integration

Create custom reports using rank tracking data

Benefits of integration

Combine data from various sources in one place
While working on the SEO of your website, you certainly use many tools that help you evaluate the results of your activities. Collect all your data in one place thanks to Google Data Studio.

Compare data from Spideric and other sources on common charts
Are you comparing charts from various tools to find trends or dependencies? How much easier it would be to analyze data when you can present it on one common chart!

Finish your copy / paste!
Do you sometimes copy data from several files into a single one, to facilitate their analysis? Finish this because data from Spideric can automatically land in Google Data Studio.

Automatic reporting
Do you prepare reports for your customers manually? Google Data Studio will automatically collect data from Spideric and generate reports based on the current situation.

How it works

1. Create a new data source
Click the link below and add "Spideric.com Connector" to your account.

2. Enter the API key and project id.
The API key can be found in the account settings in the API tab. If you look there for the first time you will need to generate a new key. The project id can be found in the management panel or in the view of any project report.

3. Visualize Spideric data
Create graphs using Spideric data in Google Data Studio reports.

Ready templates

Report templates using data from Spideric will soon appear here. First, however, we want to learn how you use the data from Spideric ­čśŐTherfore we will be able to prepare templates that will best suit real applications.

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Do you need help using our Google Data Studio connector?
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