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Daily rank tracking

Fresh data every morning
Spideric queries Google on keywords which should be checked on a daily basis so that you have an access to fresh data every morning.

Forget the problems with proxies
Each keyword is checked with a set of given parameters, e.g. appropriate IP so that the search results are as close as possible to the users who should find your website. There is no need to worry about working proxies or technical stuff. We take the responsibility for the correctness of gathered data.

2 years of data history (or even more)
Are you wondering how long does Spideric store the data? For even 2 years! If you want to extend this period simply contact us.

Additional information about snippets

Don't limit the tracking to page rank. Spideric collects information about the URL, title and description visible in the search results. Thanks to that you know how the search engine users can see your website. Based on a larger amount of data, you can better tailor your optimization efforts.

Multiple locations in one project

Google serves search results by the location of the user who performed a query. Spideric allows you to define specific locations which ranks of the website need to be tracked from.

One domain, multiple cities
If you are trying to reach people from different parts fo the country by your website, Spideric checks the rank of the website in different locations. Everything as a part of a single project.

One domain, multiple countries
The internet allows you to reach people from all over the world, no matter where you are. In Spideric, rank tracking on keywords in different countries is easy, because you will do it at the level of single project.


Own dashboard
Marketing agencies pretty often provide their clients with dashboards where they are allowed to supervise the results of performed activities. Thank to the API, data from Spideric will go directly to the dashboard of your customers.

SERPs data in your tool
Do you create your own tool and need data from the search results? All you need is the integration via the Spideric API.

Custom reports
Do you create custom reports and want to obtain SERPs data in an automated way? Use the API to integrate with Spideric.

Built-in CRM

Automatic cost estimates for customers
Do you charge your clients based on the ranks of their website obtained? Are you arranged for a flat fee? Do you do a mixed model? Spideric's CRM will help you determine your clients monthly fees in each payment model.

Automatic invoicing
Stop wasting your time issuing invoicing. Spideric can do it automatically every month for you. You will never make a mistake when filling out documents.

Przypomnienia o płatnościach
Customers do not always pay on time? Spideric can automatically send reminders about invoices pending payment.

Keywords grouping

Tidiness in reports
Do you want to track not only individual keyword, but also their related groups? In Spideric you can create groups of phrases and manage them freely.

Sharing projects

If you want to share your projects with other people, you can do it on two levels - editing and preview. Edit mode allows to make changes to the assignment of keywords besides deleting them and adding the new ones. The preview mode only allows to open reports without being able to make any changes in the project.

Reporting to clients
Do you want to provide your clients with the results of your work on a regular basis? Share them with projects regarding to their websites making them able to check reports directly in Spideric.

Full search results preview

A full picture
In Spideric you can not only track the ranks of your website, but also check the situation in the SERPs in general. The full search results preview is available for all keywords you track. Data is stored for the same period of time as the other, i.e. a minimum of 2 years.

SERP Explorer
Spideric keeps track of other domains visible in SERPs of the keywords you monitor. Thanks to this feature, you can see which domains are best ranked and which ones are increasing in visibility or decreasing. By observing their actions, it is easier to estimate what needs to be done to improve the ranks of your own site.

Data export

CSV-formatted data can be easily used in reports created with software such as Excel.

Do you want to send a client or your boss a tidy document presenting the results of your SEO activities? Create and download a PDF-formatted report, ready to send.

Recurring reports

Regular reporting
Do you have to regularly report on your activities? Thanks to the reporting function, Spideric automatically creates the appropriate files just like data export (CSV or PDF) and sends to the appropriate person or people via email. You can configure all settings in the user panle yourself.