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Track how your website is displayed

Spideric collects more data on your website in Search Engine Results Pages than other rank tracking tools. Therefore you keep control on how Google's users see your website.

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  • insert_linkURLs report
  • chat_bubble_outline titles and descriptions of pages
  • Check your performance in mobile SERPs

    Over 60% of seaches on Google are made from mobile devices. Thanks to Spideric you can check how your website is performing in the SERPs for these devices.

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    • center_focus_strong all the data in one place

    Search like your visitors

    Google search results vary depending on the location of the user. Track local SERPs from the places where the visitors of your website are. In Spideric you can choose from almost 100.000 districts, cities and regions from around the world.

    • place local SERPs tracking
    • map rank tracking in maps
    • public search engines from around the world

    Earn money. We take care of the rest

    Google updates search results over 300 times a year. That's why we make sure that all keywords are correctly checked every day. You will always find collected data available in the user panel.

    • access_time info, when a keywords was checked
    • autorenew 24h access to data
    • notifications_activealerts on important changes

    A reliable rank tracking tool since 1187 days.

    We've checked 880.000+ keywords already.

    How to Find Position of a Website in Google Search Results?


    Track your website in SERPs in a moment

    You don't have to worry about technical aspects of tracking your website's positions in Google. Sign in to your account, provide your domains and key phrases you want to track. Configuration won't take more than 10 minutes. From now on, you'll have all information from search results.


    Make snappier conclusions from changes in positions

    In the dashboard you will not only check your website's positions, but also pages that rank on your key phrases and how it presents to search engine users. You can check the titles and descriptions found when checking the search results.


    Get notifications about important changes

    Every time anything suspicious happens to your website in search results - you'll get notified about it. If you introduce any changes to your website, you'll get to know when its visible for search engine users. If anything unexpected happens, you'll get to know it too.

    Why do you need a SERP rank checker?

    Checking the ranking of your website can be a difficult task as search engine results are becoming more and more personalized. Depending on the keyword searched, the user's location and the device they use may have a large significance. When preparing search results, Google takes into account specific factors such as search history and browsing history. All this makes manual tracking decreasingly reliable, since the position of a website may vary greatly between different users.
    When you create a project in Spideric, you can define the country, region or city for which the ranking in search engine results are to be tracked.

    The role of a search engine ranking monitor in website analytics

    Regular changes in search engine algorithms and continuous efforts of website owners make search engine rankings very fluctuating. Checking positions every now and then doesn't help with understanding the trends. Continued rank tracking provides the big picture of changes, and enables for drawing conclusion to help improve thee positioning of your website. Online accessible data allows you to access it from any device connected to the internet.
    Thanks to the responsive design of the Spideric dashboard, checking reports on any mobile device is convenient, and all information, clear. Exporting data allows you to use it in other analytic tools.

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